Find out how, where and when we worship.

Welcome to Rouge Valley Mennonite Church.

We are a gathering of people on a journey of faith and life.
    Join us as we seek:

  • To embrace the welcome and peace of Jesus within a caring community.
  • To live lives of gratitude as ones loved by God and in response to God’s goodness.
  • To care for the welfare of others in the Spirit of Christ, through cooperation, dialogue, service and love.

Rouge Valley Mennonite Church is part of a Mennonite presence in the Markham area since 1867. We are a diverse and inter-generational congregation… discover a different rhythm of life.

“My hope is that the description of God’s love in my life will give you the freedom and courage to discover God’s love in yours.”

Henri Nouwen, Here and Now

Who We Are


We don’t look like this…

…or drive one of these…

…and you don’t have to either.